Friday, February 5, 2010



I just got back from my winter retreat today, it was amazing. I wish it could have lasted longer. I tried out snowboarding and fell every single time and not i can't move my arms too much, I ran in the snow and chased my friends, I survived on ten hours of sleep, but most importantly, I improved my relationship with God.

We had Pastor Drew Brattrud as our speaker, and he spoke to us about being right for heaven. He has spoken many times at our school, but this time, it was different. He asked us, if we wanted to, to come forward and bow down to God. And I did, not caring about my friends thought. Eventually, all my friends ended up in the front sitting with me. Our principal told us that it was open mike after our pastor spoke, and so my own peers were up there, in front of everyone, speaking about there testimonies and expirences with God. Someone that really touched me was Brandon Harris. He talked about how he came from public school and grew up as a pastor's kid and how he didn't really care about God but still believed. Then he told us about how our Bible teacher talked to his class about being a Christian at one time and then another time just blowing it off. I related to that alot. And by that time, me and my three best friends were all holding each other and balling our eyes out. Many peple spoke about their lives and it made me understand why they are the way they are. I believe that so many people grew closer to Christ. So many people touched me that night, and I'm glad they did because it really changed me. I could tell that God's presence was there. It was amazing and I cannot wait untill next year.